We thought that the first day was a very exciting day because we met new friends and we practiced our English. Budapest is a lovely city, with very nice people and nice monuments and buildings. We really liked the trips to the Parliament, Castle and the museum. We loved the hotel, it was very comfortable. They served very nice food, too.
We also liked the days when we made presentations because everybody listened and learnt a lot of things about our country. We learned lots of things about their parliaments, our history and their famous buildings.
The trip was wonderful, we had a lot of fun and we are going to miss everyone, because we enjoyed talking in English with all of you.
Everything was very well organized. Everyone was very nice. Thank you to all of you that participated.This fantastic feeling would be nice to repeat: to learn new things, to visit other countries, to eat different things and to get to know other cultures and how they are.

Bea and Blanca from Spain. CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid