Ideas for our project!
  • January 2011. First meeting

- "Train-day topic". This project could be: - to send a postcard six times per year:
1. Welcome/Back to School in September. October - Autumn Wishes
2. Merry Christmas!/Hanuka/ Kwanza/Chinese New Year/ December.Christmas Time
3. Happy Valentine!/Happy Friendship Day! in February.
4. Happy Easter!/Spring Week in April Easter Card
5. Happy Summer in June Summer Wishes
6. Free choice: Own Festivities, traditions, celebrations,... Recipes
In this project, we could send postcards telling the same things, words and simply structures, in our own language, our mother tongue language in the first paragraph. (This is for developing one of our objectives in the project, that is to facilitate the knowledge of other languages). For example number 1. Welcome to our train-express project. Every country in its own language.
And in the second paragraph, each school writes or tell us something in English.

We will use this Wikispace to add all our Comenius Subjects
And we will enjoy working together.

1- GO TO THE PAGE WHERE YOU WISH TO ADD SOMETHING (by clicking at the left part of this page)
2- PRESS THE "EDIT" BUTTON (up and right of the page)
4- CLICK ON SAVE BUTTON (up-right)

  • April 2012
The model railway


1. Germany has bought the trains and rails. Each country has to pay ~110 €
2. Germany will inform all partners about the dimensions of the plates and the space left, after the rails have been put on it, so as to prepare the landscape. Hungary 5, Spain 6 and Poland 5 will paint 16 wagons and Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic and Italy will prepare the landscape of the edges, one edge each (we will decide which European landmarks each country gets. The scale will be 1:87, which means that the buildings should be about 30 cm tall maximum.
3. Italy will host the final production in their school. We need 8 monitors, and to find sponsors. The monitors should be about 22-24΄΄ big with a DVD drive or a USB or SD slot. And it is 180€ each one.
4. Monitors will show not only information; they’ll include pictures of our visits.
5. The Czech Republic has already found 12 host families and hopefully some more are coming up.
About the hotels in Uherské Hradiště the price including breakfast for
a. a single room comes to about 35-40 €
b. a double room comes to about 50 €
Meals cost about 6 € per person (1 € = ~ 25 Crowns)
Also, from Vienna Airport partners can take the Students Agency Bus to Brno and then change bus to Uherské Hradiště, same company. More information on and but maybe Claudia and Hana could tell us more about the times, please, so that we know which flight to Vienna to book? It is 20€ per person
6. In Italy there will probably be some host families. Also, there are
a. Youth Hostels from 18 € / night, breakfast included, close the railway station.
b. Hotels with 45 €/ single room and 50 €/ double room, breakfast included. In the centre of the city.
7. In Austria and Poland there will be no host families, but in Poland besides the hotels, there are also Tourist Houses, which come economical. Germany doesn’t know yet about host families.
8. We need to go adjust our presentations in Budapest to the model Germany showed us in Madrid (the National flag as background, one picture and a short text, two lines à a shortened version of our presentations) and send them off to Nora, who will create a master foil of presentation.

9. We collect our students’ diaries and make a summary of them. Then we send all files (diaries + summary) to the host country who will use them for the evaluation.
10. We added into our Wiki Evaluation 1 of our visit to Hungary and Evaluation 2 of our visit to Spain
11. The questions on Geography have been changed as follows:
a. Question 1 (ok)
b. Questions 2-3-4-5-6-7 (ok but they are considered as one question and not 6 different ones)
c. Questions 8-9-10 (deleted)
d. Question 11 (ok but we will have to mention only 3 popular resorts)
e. Questions 12-13 (deleted)
f. Question 14 (ok)
g. Question 15 (ok)
h. Question 16 (ok)
i. Questions 17-18 (ok but they are considered as one question and not 2 different ones)
j. Question 19 (deleted)
The new file with the questions on Geography is:

12. There are many subjects in the next countries, so we decided change some dates:
a. Traffic in Austria from 4th to 8th March 2013
b. Schools in Germany from 21st to 25th January 2013
13. We’ll go to Austria from 4th to 8th March , to Poland from 22nd to 26th April and to Germany from 13th to 17th May.