The welcome in the school was wonderful, funny and very interesting. We loved the beautiful voices and the orchestra played their instruments very well. We have many memories of that fantastic experience and the tour in Ancona was very exciting. Making pizza was fun and we really enjoyed that wonderful day.
Urbino is a pretty place with a very interesting history. We liked it a lot and we were very pleased to go on this fantastic trip. San Marino was so beautiful that we thought we were in paradise looking at the shops. It was such a fun thing that we'll never forget this experience.

We were also very pleased with the family that welcomed us and took care of us in their beautiful house.

María - CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid

We went to the school, it was enormous, and all the people were kind with us.

They gave us a concert that we enjoyed a lot.

When we visited Ancona I was surprised, the sea was beautiful and the church was amazing.

That night, we ate the pizza, which we liked very much. It was the best pizza I have ever eaten.

That day we went to Urbino. It was a very pretty city. The Palazzo Ducalewas marvelous.

We went to eat to a restaurant. It was full of pictures of chickens. I loved the ñokis and the spaghetti.

Later we went to the country of San Marino. It was full of shops. I bought a lot of things.
Nicolás. CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid