I liked the salt mine, Krakow, the chocolate factory, the soup with bread, my family in Poland, my house in Poland, the juice called Frugo, the concert, the school, the Polish people and the restaurants.
I didn´t like sparkling water, some of the food on the airplane and one of the landings of the plane.

Nina 5º CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid

Things that I liked

When we were in Krakow because the city was very interesting

The school because it was very beautiful
People from other countries because they were very funny

The salt mine because it was interesting.

Things that I didn’t like

Monday, the 22nd, because we couldn’t travel that day because of the Lufthansa strike, we couldn´t go to the swimming pool, we couldn´t do our presentations and we couldn´t see the others countries´ presentations.
external image cleardot.gifCandela CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid

What I liked…

-My Polish family.

-The school.

-Krakow and the salt mines

-The food.

What I liked less...

-One day less because the Lufthansa strike.

-We missed the welcome act.

-We couldn’t go to the swimming pool.

Carmen CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid

I liked a lot of things in Poland, but the thing that I liked most was the salt mine, because I thought that it was the most interesting thing and I learned a lot, for example, many years ago you had to pay more money for salt than for gold.

1º Another thing I liked was that the statues that were made of salt (inside the mine).

2º Another thing I liked was that we were very deep below the surface.

3º There were lots of steps on the mine so I felt tired.

Finally, I also liked the two towers a lot, which were built by two brothers, one was higher than the other and consequently it was more beautiful. The brother of the smaller tower killed his brother because he was jealous.

By: Manuel García Camargo CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid

The trip to Poland was good, especially the trip to Krakow and the visit to the chocolate factory. At the last dinner in the restaurant, we played with people from Poland and a girl from the Czech Republic.

Then in the bus we played telephone. It was very good.

Alex - CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid