Our Final Results - Ceremony Comenius

“Design Europe together” in the form of a European model railway composed of many “jigsaw pieces”.
Each country and each school plan, design and implement a section of the big European model railway following their own ideas.

Watch live streaming video from gsdillcomenius at livestream.com

We will visualise the following subjects with some monitors or directly on our European model railway: history, languages, buildings, animals, plants, music, religions, coffee/tea, art, food, traditions, and geography. They will be realised by small, mixed teams of our students from different countries. SUBJECTS

Partners will identify different cultures, they will be able to show their own cultures, and compare them with common European values.

We develop students’ ICT skills

Everyone participate to create a better school community. This project motivate the whole school and families to be open to new challenges.

To improve students’ motivations for learning different languages we say Hello and Good bye in our own language to facilitate the knowledge of other languages.

We learnt how to play together as a team. Thank you very much! . Spain

Hello Spanish Team!
Thank you very much for the very nice video with your playing children and our game "Fröbel-Kran" :-)

Dear passengers!!There are some news! First of all, I will say again "Thank you" for the very nice and successful two years ... or better 2,5 years!!... and ... we have an idea ... or better a dream :-) ... We sent a letter with some information about our project to the president of the europian parliament! You know, actually it is Mr. Schulz from Germany .... sooooooo .... we offered him, to use our TRAIN FOR EUROPE model railway plates and to display the whole plates with all our bridges and monitors and so on in one of the big buildings / foyers of the European Parliament.... perhaps in Brussels or Strasbourg :-) .... so all ministers and visitors of the European Parliament will see OUR wonderful project!!! ... Two weeks ago, we had to dismount the model railway plates .... it was a very sad moment .... but the idea ... the dream makes a very hopefull feeling in our hearts! Very warm greetings!! ....