“Design Europe together” in the form of a European model railway composed of many “jigsaw pieces”. Each country and each school is planning, designing and implementing a section of the big European model railway following their own ideas. We will visualise the following subjects with some monitors or directly on our European model railway: history, languages, buildings, animals, plants, music, religions, art, food, traditions, and geography. They will be realized by small, mixed teams of our students from different countries.
Our Partners
Subjects:Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Informatics / ICT, Music, Natural Sciences, Primary School Subjects, Special Needs Education
Pupil's age:7 - 19
Tools :e-mail, MP3, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Project Diary, Twinspace, Web publishing
- Building bridges among countries and cultures
- Discovering and respecting each other
- Helping each other - older and younger students
- Communicating in English as a second language
- Getting technological competence through realizing our European model railway
- Teaching some foreign words through realizing our subjects
- Improving practical skills with building our corporate product
- The Comenius Express
- Designing with different styles and making different presentations about our subjects in the project
1. -Exchanging our teaching methodologies
2. -Encouraging our students to make new projects by giving them freedom and responsibility on their own fields, in order to carry out their own ideas - Gaining confidence in speaking English.
Work process:The different operations performed to realize the European sections must be coordinated over the whole of Europe. With this aim in view we will use a wikispace. All the participating schools will have the possibility for exchange, input, and recall of information, questions and ideas. Also, we will realize some technical things such as lights, programming, construction of the plate, modelling, electricity and special effects! Subjects especially for young students will be: painting the wagons with a flag from every country and the word "Welcome" in different languages, creating gifts for the European TRAIN FOR EUROPE PARTY at the end of the project, where all the jigsaw pieces will be connected to our big European landscape and model railway. Young and old students will work together in this project, participating with one another and creating a "helping network"! Everyone is very important in our project! We want to be passengers on the same train with the same destinations: "Open windows to Europe and hold hands!" This is why we chose to put together our Comenius Project that will invest in young students, old students, and teachers from 8 countries in Europe.


2011/ 2012

Animals and Sports


Plants and Traditions
Geography and Storytelling



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Expected results:
This Wikispace We visualise different subjects with some monitors or directly on our European model railway. Presentations
Finally the TRAIN FOR EUROPE TOUR will start and the complete European model railway will travel to every partner's country.